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Luxe Link in The ShowStoppers behind-the-scenes product review!

September 27, 2011

A great review from the ShowStoppers!Here at ShowStoppers we not only value sharp appearance; we think it of upmost importance to commit and execute a look in the savviest of manners. We’ve chosen Luxelink for our behind-the-scenes product review, as we have found many fashionistas to be missing out. Any accessory aficionado knows that it’s difficult to keep bags in mint condition, especially when traipsing around town. By elevating your handbag from the ground, Luxelink ensures your purse, and by association, ensemble, remain absolutely pristine!

Small enough to fit inside your purse, Luxelink is a jointed hook that comes in an array of colors and designs. Place the flat piece of the hook on the edge of a table, hang your bag on the piece that dangles below the table, and enjoy a dirt-free outing! No longer should you worry about whether or not your purse will pick up food items or floor dust, or worse, get stolen!

Understandably, a business professional may not feel it appropriate to showcase a Hello Kitty or polka dotted printed Luxelink, even though they are simply adorable. For this reason, Luxelink comes in a myriad of colors and styles to meet the needs of every woman in every circumstance! There are a variety of Swarovski encrusted options, as well as some with The Beatles’ faces printed directly onto the hook. If you’re an art buff, Luxelink offers pieces featuring famous works of art. The multitude of styles ensures that anyone can find one that matches their purse and personality perfectly. At only $25, you may even find yourself selecting two.

Next time you’re sitting in a restaurant or bar, wondering where you ought to place your purse, remember Luxelink! It not only keeps your bag clean, it keeps it directly in sight, out of your lap, and safely out of harm’s way, guaranteeing that your bag will stop the show with its ageless condition for years to come!

To see the full collection, go to

ShowStoppers is the perfect accessory to keep your fashion fastened. You can fix a revealing dress, close a shirt gap, conceal bra straps, create a perfect hem, and more.

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